Chapter 20: Indulgence

“What is ‘special’ to you, Ib?” Garry had asked her.

She didn’t understand his question. He was special. She had just told him so. Why did he say he wasn’t?

The mood had suddenly gotten heavy, if it hadn’t already been before. For once, she was the one blabbering on, trying to keep the conversation alive, yet he didn’t seem like he was listening at all. Then suddenly, he told her not to see him again. She had noticed that Garry was somehow cold and detached tonight, but why he would suggest that was beyond her. Was he ending their friendship? Why? Why now, after everything had just gone back to normal?

The dim lighting prevented her from seeing his face properly and she couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking. He was smiling, but something told her he wasn’t. The look in his dark eyes as he traced the outline of her cheek sent chills down her spine. It scared her. He scared her, but still she clung to him, afraid that if she let go, he would leave her.

“I’m also a man, you know.”

In a heartbeat, slow breaths tickled her face as something warm pressed against her mouth. His face – Garry’s face was so close, closer than she had ever seen it. Soft locks of lavender drooped down, tickling her cheek. With wide red eyes, she absentmindedly took in the beauty of his skin, and the long lashes that gently kissed it. His eyes were closed gently as though he was sleeping. Was this a dream? Or perhaps she was still half-asleep, and Garry was sleeping beside her right now.

That wasn’t right.

Something wet parted her lips and slid through.

She squirmed to move away; his fingers behind her neck steeled.


Age was a problem. She hadn’t even entered her teens, and he was already pass twenty. A good ten years older than her, he shamelessly lusted for her innocence. She was naïve, a clueless child, and rather than discouraging him, it made the whole idea even more enticing. These taboo desires should be a crime, but there was no one to judge his rotten thoughts.

He was just some bum disowned by his family, shoulder-deep in debt and pursuing a dream that was less than promising. She, on the other hand, was the sheltered daughter of a rich man who would ensure her a carpeted life of luxury. He shouldn’t even be allowed to look at her, let alone trying to monopolize her as though he had every right to.

They were so different. She was beautiful inside out, while he could only put up a pretty front to hide the ugliness in his heart. He was dirty, contaminated, and attracted to the purity that was her. She loved him, and he adored her to bits. But their feelings were mismatched. He knew she didn’t look at him the way he looked at her.

Just why did you have to come into my life?


Their noses were pressed together as he tested the softness of her lips, lightly sucking on the plump flesh. He liked what was against his mouth, and she didn’t have any objection, most likely stunned. Tilting his head for better access, he slipped his tongue through her unguarded lips and ventured to taste their moist inside. It was tender, yet mildly grainy to the touch. Had she been biting the inside of her lips? He should tell her to quit that bad habit.

She gasped, jerking away from him, but the hand he had behind her neck prevented her movement and even pulled her closer to him. Her teeth parted in surprise, and he took the chance to deepen the kiss, thrusting his tongue farther in to find hers. He kept his eyes closed, relishing the feel of her small tongue. There was a muffled moan amidst the wet noises between their mouths and tongues as she weakly fought against his grip. He barely noticed her protest though, too absorbed in licking and exploring her cute little mouth.

Her hold on his other wrist loosened, so he brought his hand to her face, stroking under her jaw, his thumb coaxing her to open up some more. Her tongue hesitantly twitched against his, not knowing whether to push him out or run away from him.

“… Hn… no…” Ib sighed into his mouth as saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth. Her hand shakily made its way up his chin and he untangled his fingers from her locks to run them along her arm. “No!” she whipped her head to the side, palm covering his mouth, denying him of his pleasure.

His eyes shot open and he instantly cupped her cheeks, bringing her back to him. Strong fingers keeping her face still, his lips crashed onto hers more forcefully as he resumed the plunder on her mouth.

No good.

Wasn’t this enough to scare her? She was quivering in his arms. He should stop. He only wanted to scare her, but… She was so cute. The way she limply clung to his shirt, how she tried to hold her breath; her innocent reactions only further excited him. He became bolder, delving deeper, running his tongue on aligned teeth, lapping at spilling saliva. Her knees couldn’t support her and she was beginning to slip from his hold, so he let her lie down on the couch, but never set her mouth free. She continued to moan. What was this? She was missing a tooth – a second molar if he remembered the name correctly, and the new replacement was already coming out.

Of course, she was that young. He should be bothered, but all that was in his head then was…


He finally broke from the kiss, slowly withdrawing his tongue as transparent drool dripped from his mouth to hers. He still wanted more, lingering near her lips. Her dizzyingly hot breaths wafted against his face as she gasped for air, “… Garry…” she mewled, burgundy eyes glazed, tempting him into planting another kiss on her lips.

So cute.

He should stop.

Garry pushed his thumb into her mouth and played with her shy tongue as she breathed heavily. As he drew his leg onto the couch for a better vantage over her, she let out a whimper. Her narrowed eyes were filled with fright. She tried to stop his hand, but was still too out of it to put up a proper fight.

He really should stop.

He removed his saliva-covered thumb from her mouth and brought it to his own, licking it before her bewildered gaze. Using the same hand, he reached for her face once again, but she flinched from the touch. He chuckled darkly and took his hand back to grab her small fingers that were digging into his shirt. He noticed her resistance – however weak it may be, but paid it no heed and proceeded to pull her hand to his lips. The loose sleeve of her shirt easily slipped down, revealing her slender arm whose length he trailed gentle kisses along.

“You see, Ib,” he whispered into her ear after nuzzling into the crook of her shoulder, and the girl started underneath him. The smell of lavender he had gotten used to filled his lungs as he grazed his nose up her jawline. It was his own smell, yet it was somehow different on her. Sweeter, more pleasant, intoxicating, and also absolutely satisfying. It was as if she was his, bearing the same scent as him. “I want to do this kind of stuff with you.” Placing one last lingering kiss on her closed lips and earning a scared squeak from her, he finally pushed himself off of her. “If you don’t want this then don’t show up in front of me again, alright?”

Ib hazily blinked, still disorientated by what was happening. It felt like a bad dream. She felt all numb and was still tingling from his… kisses. He kissed her… on the lips. She knew it was called an adult kiss. Only adults did it, so why did Garry… to her… Why did adults even do it? It felt gross, but at the same time- no, it was gross. She wanted to wipe her mouth, but she couldn’t seem to muster the strength to lift her hands. Who was this person looking down at her? He didn’t feel like Garry at all.

He smiled bitterly for a moment before his face lost any mirth it might have had. “Now scurry back to the bed and lock the door,” he put a hand to his face, muttering as he moved away. “Don’t open it even if I-”

“N-no!” she cried, grabbing as much of his shirt as she could.

His eyes were a mixture of shock and something else that she couldn’t make out, but it scared her. Her body had moved on its own. She was scared, but she didn’t want him to leave. She didn’t want to never see him again. She didn’t want that. Maybe she could persuade him to stay with her without… those disgusting things.

“G-Garry… No…” the girl sobbed, pulling at his shirt as tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked up at his dark orbs, trying to find the words to tell him. Her head, however, was a mess, and she could only utter unintelligent pleas as his face neared hers once more. “No, no, no… Garry…”

“… Seriously… you,” he breathed, cupping her small face and thumb tracing the corner of her mouth. She continued to mumble incoherent refusals. Her trembling hand reached for him, and he took it into his own, squeezing. “Ib…” he called and got a weak cry of his name in return. Seeing her all frightened and shaking like this only shot a painful surge of heat to his groin. There must be something wrong with him.

Garry swallowed and pressed her soft palm to his cheek, his eyes never leaving hers. Kissing her wee knuckles, he slid his other hand under her shirt and found the waistband of her cotton panties. There wasn’t much resistance from her as he stripped her naked – she was still so defenseless of her body. His fingers pulled the white piece of underwear down her slender legs, and he made sure to feel the smooth skin under his hand as he did. “… I’m sorry,” his voice shook, his entire attention on her flat stomach as he peeled the baggy shirt from her. “I don’t think I can stop anymore.”


Even if she cries…

Her clothes discarded on the rug, he stared in awe. He didn’t know a child’s body could make him feel so much, but then, it was her body – it was Ib’s. As his splayed hands roamed down her agonizingly small torso, he could feel her shiver under his touch. His eyes burnt the image of her young body into his mind, drinking in the beautiful lithe figure, the fair skin accentuated by the blurry lamp light. His hands slid beneath her round butt cheeks and lifted her hips.

Even if she screams…

Ib was confused as to why Garry had taken off her clothes. It was so scary. His hands were grabbing her behind, cold fingertips pressing into her skin, and he held her by her thighs. Her legs placed onto his shoulders and his eyes closed, he started kissing her from the knee up and ultimately stopped at… “A-h…” she stared down at the top of his head in horror. “W-wait, G-Garry, no… d-don’t, don’t… Garry!” her trembling voice shot up a notch when something wet ran up between her groin, startling her.

Garry assaulted her private part over and over, licking and sucking, making wet sounds with his tongue. She threw her head back, his hot breath steadily brushing her skin, driving her crazy with fright and… something. “A- Sto-p… Th-that’s- dir… ty,” she cried out between gasps. Garry didn’t show any signs of acknowledging her broken words. Frantic, she struggled to break free from his grasp, prying at his hands, gripping at his hair and pushing, but they all proved to be futile. Her legs were firmly kept parted with so little effort from him and all she could do was fight to keep her voice down every time he brought his tongue over her flesh.

“What did you say?” he managed absently between kisses, engrossed in his deed. He constantly took in the musky smell of her mouthwatering slit time and time again, feeling his consciousness and whatever conscience left in it going numb with every whiff. Somewhat sated, he finally relented, but not before tasting her one last time. “There’s nothing dirty about you,” he half-growled, letting her go.

Which was why he wanted to soil her so bad.

His cock was throbbing.

The sound of her gasping drew his attention back to her cute mouth. Her lips were parted as she panted. She covered her eyes with her hands; wet trails dampened her cheeks. He should feel some kind of guilt, but all the sight did was further turning him on. His heart that had somehow remained still until now started a wild, painful rhythm and he felt the heat gathering at his face. He brought his mouth over her flat breast, savoring the sweetness of her skin for a moment, before moving up to slide his tongue through the gap she’d left for him. She cringed, but didn’t fight his kiss this time around and just let him do what he wanted. His hand groped down her slippery entrance and shoved his middle finger inside, and she immediately tensed up, crying into his mouth. Despite having gone limp just moments ago, she started to struggle again as he pushed in and out of her. Trying to close her legs, she attempted a few kicks. He could tell she was still holding back.

She still didn’t want to hurt him. The notion squeezed at his chest. He caged the little dear beneath his large frame and distracted her with another kiss; his hand didn’t stop, though, even sliding a second digit inside and causing her to cry harder.

Ib squirmed, her strength to fight slowly diminishing as a strange feeling built up where Garry was… Garry’s fingers were… She was terrified. First he licked her… and now his fingers were going in somewhere down there. They were so long and big. It hurt. She tried to push him away, only to end up powerless and clinging to his shirt again. As he went on, the pain subsided and gave way to something else. There was a spot that made her all numb, and Garry seemed to keep chafing it as though he knew so. He kept kissing her, too.

Something was coming. It felt like pee, but…

“Auuuah…” she whimpered into his kiss, voice muffled by his tongue twining around hers. Her eyes went wide.


She clamped down at his fingers, her body jolted as she broke away from his mouth. Garry gave a throaty groan, denied of her lips once again, but he found himself not caring as much. She was so soft inside, so hot, and so… wet. He pulled out of her, and looked down at the transparent slime coating his fingers – a thin string connecting them to her entrance. Beautiful. He couldn’t help tasting it, sucking at his knuckles for her arousal when her weeping became apparent to his ears. He glanced up at her. She was curled up on her side, shaking as she tried to hide her face.

He ran a hand up her side, ignoring the way she flinched under his palm, and grabbed her shoulder. Gently, he guided her to face him and used his other hand to stroke her tear-stained cheek, brushing the chocolate strands that stuck to her skin. She stared up at him, albeit hesitantly. Her exquisite orbs were filled with confusion and fear.

Ib didn’t know where to look. Her faced cupped by Garry’s strong hand, she couldn’t turn away to hide her crying. She was embarrassed and greatly conscious of her naked body now. She didn’t know where to look. Her lids constantly fluttered in order for her to avoid his gaze. She was scared of his piercing blue eyes that now held a dark element to them. They felt so cold, so voided.

Suddenly, he bent down; she squeezed her eyes shut. The kiss that she dreaded never came to her lips, to her surprise, but her cheek. A gentle, chaste kiss.

She peeked through her eyelids to see Garry moving back. He crossed his arms before his stomach and took off his shirt. It startled her. She had never seen so much of his skin; he had never let her. The most she had ever seen was a glimpse at his back when he needed to scratch an itch, or his navel when he slept in. His lean torso was with the slightest hint of muscle. His strong collarbones emphasized the broad of his shoulders; his chest was smooth and his stomach taut. Should she be observing his body so? The realization made her quickly avert her gaze.

Garry was finally rid of his shirt. It was so damn hot. His body was burning up, if it hadn’t been all this time already, and the cold night was doing little to cool him down. It was getting harder to breathe as he felt her eyes on him. Her butt was pressing against his crotch. He wanted nothing more than to push himself inside her right then and there, but no.

He snaked his arms under her back and pulled her into a hug.

Not yet.

“G-Garry?” she squeaked as he picked her up from the couch.

Not here.


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