Chapter 21: Stolid

Skin against skin, it was a strange sensation.

His arm wrapped securely around her waist, while the other hooked just above her thighs, keeping her tightly in his embrace. Her entire front was pressed against his, and although she was no stranger to the firmness of his torso, she still found the contact… disquieting. Without any clothing between them, she could feel his skin, hot and sweaty; his heart pounded vividly against hers.

She squirmed inside his hold, trying to get him to let her down. She had always loved it when he scooped her up into his strong arms, but right now, all she felt was dread, not knowing what he might do to her next. With the few glances she managed over her shoulder, she could see that they were heading towards the bedroom. Her mind was so hazy. She didn’t know what to do, what to think. His steps were slow, staggering a little as he kissed and breathed at her skin. Her hands shook as she tried to wipe her eyes. Her throat felt blocked and her jaw quivered as she held back her tears. The cold air tingled at her back, but what made her skin crawl was the way his sultry breaths landed on her ear, travelling downward.

His smell of lavender was somehow stronger than normal as he sucked intently at her shoulder. It scared her. Shakily, she took a handful of his hair and pulled lightly in a timorous attempt to stop him. It was a bad decision. He started licking her now, his wet tongue running up the length of her neck, all the way to her chin, forcing her to tip her head back. The arm that snaked around her waist loosened, and she felt his palm creeping up her spine.

A part of her wanted nothing more than to push him away, but it was Garry. If there was one person she didn’t reject, it would be him. But then…

“Nn… no…” her voice shook in fright. “Gar-” He shushed her with a kiss, and her eyes instinctively squeezed shut. The world blurred once more.

She was beyond frightened. Why was Garry doing these things to her? Why was he touching her so? It was as if she didn’t know him anymore. The Garry she loved was warm, kind and gentle. He was always smiling… always teaching her new things.

He slowly retracted his tongue, and it was her cue to open her eyes. Before she could make out her surrounding, her back met a soft mass of thick blanket.


She was so small in his arms. So small, so delicate he was afraid he would hurt her.

But fact was that, he was already hurting her with his lubricious embrace. Tears that she never should have to shed were rolling down the pink tint of her cheeks.

Not wanting to watch her cry any longer, he buried his face into the crook of her neck and started kissing her to distract himself from her sobbing.

It wasn’t hard to ignore the guilt clawing at his gut, though. He was numb. Her whimpers tickling his ears, her skin rubbing against his, her searing hot tears landing on his shoulders; everything felt so vivid, yet so surreal. His body didn’t feel like his. It was as though someone else, some sick bastard had taken control of him. But he knew better than to blame some nonexistent alter ego. He was doing this to her, and he should stop. His precious Ib was crying. Did he really want that? Surely, she hated him now. Did he really want that?


A soft tug on his hair snapped him out of his trance. A dark love bite stained her pale shoulder. He licked it and made his way up the slender column of her neck, feeling her moans vibrating against his tongue. She protested. He didn’t care.

No… but…

He brought his mouth over hers and forced his tongue inside once more.

What good is there in stopping now?

They could never go back like before now. She would never look at his face again after this, never come near him, never touch him again… never call his name again. It was hopeless anyway, and her small mouth was this cute.

Yeah… Why not?

Garry resumed his strides towards the bed, breaking the kiss as he lain her down. As soon as he moved back to push the heavy blanket away, she shuffled around him, trying to get away. That wouldn’t do now, would it? He easily caught her from behind and confined her frail form between his arms. The sweaty skin on her back was so sweet as he traced his tongue up her spine. He felt her throat tremble under his caressing fingertips, but could barely hear her weak cry of protest. He thought he heard her call his name and absently muttered hers in return.

The mirror opposite of the bed reflected a man, a blue-eyed stranger with an impassive look as he pinned the young girl down on the mattress. Garry lowered his gaze. He really was going to do this… wasn’t he?

I don’t want to stop anyway.

He’d given her the chance to run. He was at his limits now. It was his turn to be selfish… right?

Grabbing her shoulder, he made her lie on her back and cupped her face, coercing her to meet his eyes. With only the dim lighting from outside the garden, he could see her cheeks flushing a deep red as she sheepishly averted her equally red gaze. A flicker of pride flared inside him. He brushed his thumb over her rosy skin as their hot breaths blended together. So lovely.

Wiping away her stagnant tears, he couldn’t help planting another kiss onto her soft slips. There were small hands charily pressed at his chest, nudging him away, but he didn’t budge. He stared down at her, the lovely little thing that she was.

This girl… I want.

He wanted to be inside her. He wanted to make her his. God, his cock ached for her.

Garry kissed her cheek, her neck, then her collarbone. A kiss onto the middle of her chest made her flinch, but he kept on moving downward until he reached her smooth mound. Her scent was delightfully strong. Taking her pink core into his mouth once more, he swirled his tongue around her small bump, causing her to cry out in surprise. She jerked in his grip as he flicked and sucked, her thighs clamping around his face. He relished the pressure between her tender vises, peeking his eyes open for a mere moment before closing them again, and delved as far as he could into her. He hungrily ravished her virgin entrance. She tasted heavenly, and her choked sighs were music to his ears.


Ib shuddered as she felt his hasty breaths travelled down her stomach. She knew what was coming, but still hoped she was wrong. She wasn’t. Garry brought his large mouth over her sensitive flesh below and started licking her again. He persistently sucked between her thighs, his hard tongue wriggling deep into her. She was feeling weird again, and Ib didn’t like this foreign sensation. Why was Garry doing this? What was the point in doing all of these things to her?

In the silence of the night, all that could be heard were the sound of him sucking between her groin and her throaty moans. Clenching up did nothing to stop his tongue from violating her lower part, and she could only bite her lips to keep the shameful pitch of her cries down.

That strange pressure was building up yet again, around the place where his mouth was…

Her fingers dug into the bed sheet as she tried to contain the feeling, but it proved to be harder every time his tongue entered her. She was… almost there. It was chaos inside her chest, her breathing all cluttered and her mind a mess. Her hand found its way to her mouth to help muffle the embarrassing sounds she was making. Where his tongue traveled was so hot and wet, and she was ashamed, afraid she’d had wetted herself. The girl nearly forgot to breathe as the wild sensation climbed to its apex.

“… Hua-!” Before she could let out the scream, Ib bit at her knuckles. Her entire body contracted in another short, uncontrollable spasm that she couldn’t understand. Her head blanked for a second before she vaguely registered that Garry was gently kissing the teeth mark she had left on her skin. He then let her hand go. She could feel the bed creak as he moved back. Were they finally done? What would happen now? She wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, consciously closing her thighs. For a short moment, she allowed her body to relax against the bed, hands going limp.

There was a small zipping noise, but she didn’t have the mind to question it. The bed shifted underneath her again, and she saw Garry towered over her once more. Something told her they weren’t done, no matter how much she wished to believe otherwise.

Garry ran a hand up her slender legs, guiding her to open them, while his other hand pulled at his pants and briefs. She obeyed his silent command and let him in between her thighs. He really was going with this. His breath was stuck in his throat as he swallowed. To hell with everything. He would make her his. They both were ready… physically anyway. He bent over her wee form and held her delicate hand, lacing his fingers with her. Stroking her round cheek, he gained her attention and licked her soft lips to ask for permission. She was startled by the contact but still allowed him to slide his tongue inside. He fought to be the utmost gentle with this one kiss, hoping it could calm her. Even just a little was still better than nothing. Ib eventually relaxed into the kiss. He would like to kiss her forever, but… ah God…

He slowly broke away, after flicking her soft tongue one last time, so that she could take a breather. But honestly that was just an excuse. He looked down at himself, and gave her an absent smile, gingerly moving into position.

Ib blinked through the haze of her tears. Seeing his smile, though wry, was enough to soothe her qualms. His face drew closer, blue eyes trained on hers.

The Garry she knew… was always smiling.

The bony back of his hand stroked her cheeks as he kissed her forehead. He crouched down and propped an arm above her head. She slightly turned her face from him – the pungent smell of sweat and lavender was making her giddy. Something started prodding at her crotch. Her hand, shaking, found the hard curve of his bicep and tried to hold on – it gave her the feeling that she still had the least bit of control over her own body.

He was gentle, warm… and was always…


Something… was pushing…

“…!” She gasped, vaguely realizing what was happening a tad too late. “N-” Whimpering and glancing down, she couldn’t see anything aside from his obstructing shoulder. The force wasn’t stopping. She squirmed and fought to get away, but he didn’t let her. The thing kept pushing up against her. So thick. It was starting to hurt. “D-Don’t…” She heard his breathless whisper of her name and only became more frightened.

…Teaching her new things.

“No, no- Garry-!” she involuntarily screamed as pain engulfed her senses.


Garry held her tight as her scream tore through the quiet room.



His body rigid, he breathed slow and shallow, reeling from what could be a once in a life time sensation. Face buried in her soft scented mass, his muddled mind vacantly perceived her broken cries, her blunt nails digging into his arm and ribs. It took his everything to keep himself from bucking his hips. Her fragile form was trembling taut underneath him, and she wheezed in acute gasps with tear-filled whimpers.

“… No… st-op…”

He was… inside. Though he couldn’t go all the way, it wasn’t like that mattered. They were connected. She was his. His heart throbbed painfully. The cacophonic noises were drowning out her feeble voice. He clung onto his waning awareness and held her tight, hoping to calm her with the firm hug. Her tremors only became worse. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to catch her gaze, but her eyes were squeezed shut from pain. She was in pain… and crying. What was he doing?

“Shhh… Ib…” he managed, gently kissing her cheek and ear.

“… Garry… it– hurts…”

“J… just a bit… more…” He was running out of breath; his mind was going blank. “… Please, Ib.”


He started moving. In and out. Steadily gaining speed. She was so soft. He took hold of her thighs and penetrated as deep as her young body would allow him. She cried out. Her moans mingled with his raspy sighs as he captured her mouth in impetuous kisses. The bed creaked. Sweat dampened his jawline, transparent drops rolling down his feverish skin. He carved himself into her, and welcomed the clawing at his sides. Mindlessly calling her name, his thrusts only became more manic as he grew closer…


His vision was blurry. Her eyes were dead. His hand found hers amidst the craze, grasping.

Pull out…

His breath hitched inside his throat, and his muscles shuddered.

Pull out!

“… Ah-!” Fingers scrunching up the bed sheet, he gave one last thrust and buried himself deep inside her.

And he stilled, contracting, teeth grinding, as he took his release.

He was done. It was over. Everything was over.

Garry slightly eased back to check on her. She lay limp, shaking, unmoving. They were still connected. Any mirth he might have had was gone. Her ruby eyes reflected nothing as tears streamed down her flushed skin. His guts twisted. Heavy beads landed on her nose and cheek, and he finally realized he, too, was crying. He raised a paralyzed hand to his face, jaw hardening. Screwing his eyes shut, he squeezed out the burning tears. He of all people had no right to them.

Isn’t this great? Now she’s mine~” his voice sang with a sickeningly gleeful tone.

Garry bolted up from under his heavy blanket, eyes opening to the blue and gold hue that coated his room. The air was mercilessly cold, but it did nothing to distract him from his image in the dresser mirror. He stared at himself with bewildered blue orbs. What…? The memories of last night returned to him in an instant and condemned him in dread. Ib and he… No… A realization struck him and gripped at his heart. Ib! His eyes darted around the room. He was all alone on the suddenly massive bed, whose both blanket and sheet were greatly disheveled.

Slow and heavy beats hammered inside his chest. He glanced out the glass wall. It couldn’t be past five. She couldn’t have gone anywhere. If anything, she should still be sleeping. Where? Here. But she wasn’t here.

Then she’s not here.

He slowly ran a hand through his tousled hair. Dry lips parting, he disbelievingly muttered “… A… dream?”

The doorbell suddenly chimed.


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  • condoms have been considered but then it would have been illogical

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