Garry lied. But did he really?

The little girl woke with a start, her eyes darting around the dark bedroom illuminated by one lone crescent light.

Heart thumping, skin damp and breaths ragged, she forced down a dry swallow as she continued to search her surroundings for something unknown.

The darkness catered eerie silence and the moonlight fed ubiquitous shadows. Her thin camisole sticking to her back, she dismayed at the thought of closing her eyes and leaving herself vulnerable to what wicked presence may be lurking about. A whimper rattled the back of her throat, bringing hot, unwanted tears to her eyes.

Again…that dream…

The young man had towered over her, teeth clenching tight behind trembling lips. His hands cupped her face, strong fingers wiping away her stagnant tears as he fought to hold in his own. Even with pain pulling his facial muscles taut and even as sweat beads upon his knitted forehead, he’d managed to give her a smile.

If you need me…I’ll come running…”

A nightmare was what it was.

Ib rolled onto her side and came to face with the man sharing the bed with her. He looked so relaxed, so serene, his beautiful face partly hidden by the downy pillow he’d burrowed into. His wavy hair was unruly in his sleep, shining a mystical blue under the ephemeral light. The moon cast fleeting shades of long lashes onto his alabaster cheek and chiseled his straight nose more prominent.

She listened to the sound of his breathing, intrigued by every rise of fall of his bony shoulder. Her palm gingerly splayed over his chest, and through his worn tank top she felt his calming beats. Unknowingly, her own had matched with them.

The lulling thumps wrapped her in assurance, and it was almost as if her hand had a mind of its own as she reached up to touch his parted lips. Mildly dry, but soft all the same. The rhythm of his breaths could be felt on her small fingers, so warm and precious.

It was disrupted when he stirred.

His eyes fluttered open and a cerulean gaze drown her in its wake. She did not move her hand. They held each other’s gaze for one long moment. Then came the next best thing. He smiled an endearing smirk as a large hand knitted with hers and brought it against his mouth. His affection flattered, but at the same time offended her.


His gesture stumped, he regarded her with alert eyes. “Hmm, why ever so?” his voice rung a semblance with a female’s, but still held a low note of timbre.

The playful tone struck something within her, and a knot formed inside her throat. Against her will, searing hot tears formed anew, and she made no attempt to hide them.

His eyes widened at this, and he clambered up to his knees to move over her. He sibilated shushing sounds, his thumbs stroked under her eyes over and over in an attempt to dry them. His gentleness only made it hurt worse. He looked helpless at her unending tears, his expression almost mirroring hers. His strong arms slid behind her back and gathered her up against him.

Ib curled up in his firm embrace, relishing in the scent of smoke and cologne as his hand traced the length of her spine. “Liar.” She took in a shuddering breath and buried her face into his chest, clinging to his shirt. He only held her tighter, not caring that she was dirtying his clothes with tears and snot.

“Liar,” her voice broke under the weight of her heartache. “I need you… Why aren’t you here?”

The hand on her back stilled.

“But Ib—” His fingers combed her hair. “Do you really need me?”

“I do.”

“Then why do you never call for me?”

Her eyes were wide. She nudged away from him, and he complied.

His smile was so kind, his eyes were so gentle. She ventured to touch him, her fingers tiny along his jaw.

“Call my name, Ib, and I’ll come.”

She parted her lips. She sucked in a breath. She held his face. Tears rained down her cheeks and this time he did nothing to stop them. The syllables were there. His name was right on the tip of her tongue, ready to roll off, yet no force on this plane was enough to give it that final push she needed. Why, why, why, why? She was so close. He was so close.

Just a little more. Just a little bit more.

“It’s okay. That’s enough for tonight,” he soothed, his large hand covering her eyes. “Time to wake up now, Ib.”





The little girl woke with tears in her rubicund eyes.


She pushed the comforter away and sat up, wiping her face.

She could never understand the reason for this emptiness inside of her.







  • written under great emotional influence from a doujinshi from komyu

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