Teaser: Chapter 33 -Entangle (because it’s not enough of a mess as is)

It’s okay, he heard his own voice whisper, his lips frozen under warm brushes of air, still tingling from the swift contact that they now missed. Eyes of ruby remained half-veiled by secretive lashes, peering back at him with a flicker of something he couldn’t place, but beautiful nonetheless.

The dainty hand on his chest, right where the raucous beating was, twisted into his shirt, and he felt his heart twisting along with it, painful, but egging him on, pushing him to feel—more, much more than he should ever allow himself to again.

His lungs burned for air just as his mouth thirsted for the taste of her.

Just one more time; what could it hurt?

But alas, his hands weren’t his, uselessly heavy on the chair he sat in, shackled by uncertainty and fright. Fright because that look in her eyes gripped at his soul, fright because her warm breaths clouded his mind in a euphoric haze, fright because the weight on his thighs pleased him far too much; fright because he knew what he would do if he’d just let himself.

Her soft call of his name crumbled his willpower to fading dust.

The air that filled him was of the sweetest tang.


3 thoughts on “Teaser: Chapter 33 -Entangle (because it’s not enough of a mess as is)

      1. Ahahahahaha. This semester was the hardest so far but I’ll survive. I hope it treated you far better than it did to me x)

        Yay~~~ I’m glad to hear that but I won’t be able to read it this weekend since next week’s exam week and the week after that is Finals week hahahuhuhuhuhuhu

        Based on the teaser, it’d be wise of me not to read it yet despite how much I want to right now. GoT hits deep, and I need my feels in tact for the exams ahahahahaha x)


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