Semi-hiatus on GoT

So yeah…Glass of Time is on semi-hiatus.

What. The. Hell do you mean, semi-hiatus!? If you’re putting the story into hiatus then just own up to it!”

I know, I know you’re mad. And thank you for caring enough to be mad! However, I think there’s a difference, personally. Hiatus means I’ll take a break from it with complete emancipation, wipe it from my mind and all. With semi-hiatus, I’ll still be writing, albeit nowhere as prolific (pfft, like I was ever) as before, or at least still be thinking about how to advance the plot.

I’ll be bouncing back and forth between GoT and the new DH. When life is gray, I’ll follow my muse for any self-indulgence I can get me hands on.

All in all, thanks for reading, and following my story after all this time. You all are awesome.

Please, have a nice day~


2 thoughts on “Semi-hiatus on GoT

  1. As I already left in my review on the other site, understand and actually will be quite curious to see what more you can bring to the table 🙂 Will be taking a gander at that FF7 that’s for sure


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