A hopeless romantic. A manic shipper.

In the name of all that is dark and possessive, I write.

And this is where I shall let my children (works) run loose.

I suppose I made this blog as one of the ultimate archives for my writings, the other one being my flashdrive which I fear I’ll snap in half someday.

I also hope to be more accessible to readers through this blog.

Please enjoy your time here.

Have a nice day~


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello hello!! Blessed be your imagination and writing skills for “Glass of Time”. I AM CRAZY IN LOVE WITH IT: heart-wrenching, mind-draining, feels-exhausting events and all (I totally had to read some fluffy Garry/Ib stories every time I finished a chapter the moment the plot went to feels-heavy). I am super hooked by this story, which is very very telling in the sense that I am not too fond of stories with OCs. I always never finish reading them because the OCs bother me. But this one? I couldn’t stop reading, except for my occasional breaks to vent out all the emotions this story and its characters were eliciting from me.
    When I first came across your story and after reading its description, I did not expect just how much it’d affect me. I couldn’t stop reading (and practically ignored my mountain of homework). I love how you portrayed Garry and Ib: they felt complex, deep and more than just three-dimensional. I loved the way you expressed Garry’s thoughts and feelings… Your wording made me feel just how much he wanted Ib and how strongly he felt for her. Then, he becomes unreadable in the recent chapters and I am tearing my hair out trying to gauge how’s everyone in the story holding up, how everyone’s changing, and how everyone will act and feel as the story progresses. Just like Ib, Scarlet and Garry’s relationship, especially in the recent chapters, is totally bothering me. I am getting jealous for Ib’s sake hahahaha. Next, we have Ib. I just couldn’t get a full grasp of her (which, I think, is indicative of how well you’ve written her into a complex character)….. Just… how does she feel about Garry?
    How does Garry feel for Ib now (especially with how he’s interacting with Scarlet and all, and all their making out sessions)? I want to hear more of his and Ib’s thoughts… I specifically wanted to hear Garry’s thoughts about Scarlet and Ib, specially on that cheating episode… He felt a bit apathetic when he discovered that Ib saw them. He seems to not be bothered by it? Or is this a manifestation of how the dynamic between them has changed? I mean, after THE night and some chapters after that, he had guilt gnawing in his insides. But now, it’s just as Ib said: Scarlet and Garry seem to be so much like a couple. I am honestly hurting for Ib’s sake; good job with how you’ve written everything. Truly; no sarcasm laced in anything. It’s just the more a couple faces, the more development (character-wise and relationship-wise) one can see. And I love those. Gah. Just how does Garry feel about Scarlet? (Ahahaha, my…distaste… for OCs are showing: it’s because I read a fanfic once that claimed that it was about F/M but it turned out to be and ended as M/OC and F/OC). Has it become more natural for him to be with her rather than Ib? Please tell me it’ll be Ib/Garry in the end? What’s happened to Ray too? I can see that Ib’s perception of him changed…. But in what way? Is he a friend?
    AND OH MY GOD I JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE AN AWESOME, ONE HELL OF A WRITER. When you detailed how Ib was bothered that “Garry no longer waited for her” TOTALLY KILLED ME. MY HEART (or at least, the little that’s left of it after all those drama) was totally torn. Ripped to shreds. Pounded to dust. Run over by gazillions of 10-wheeler trucks. Then consumed to nothingness by those scary military ants: an act of mercy as it offered sweet release from the extreme pain it was experiencing. Still, I am currently left with a gaping, aching hole in my chest. You are one awesome writer I tell you. You write stories that totally shake a reader to the core. Or at least, you shook me to the core.
    I have to admit though that, in my eyes, your writing style seems to have been different some chapter after THE night…. It felt less detailed (when it comes to the thoughts and feelings of the characters; I understand Garry less now hahahaha. He was the most understandable before; his thoughts and feelings were clear). The flow of time feels a wee bit confusing too. I can’t keep track how much time has passed (or perhaps that’s just me fussing over the change in Ib and Garry’s relationship, and Garry’s thing with Scarlet) But its emotional impact remains at full force that I am killing myself by worrying my mind out as to what is going to happen next. There seems to be a bomb ticking somewhere in the background after THE night. Ib and Garry’s dynamic had so drastically changed that I can literally see them walking on oh-so-breakable eggshells. Your writing totally made me see just how Garry and Ib drifted apart; how some invisible wall that might be as thick as the Earth’s mantle (or perhaps even thicker) was erected between them.
    Garry’s change in behavior is killing me. Killing me. Killing me. And I am sorry for saying this personal opinion of mine, but I absolutely dislike Scarlet (only because she and Garry together seem like a couple hahahaha).
    I am absolutely looking forward to the next update, and how things will continue to unfold 🙂
    Thank you for this story and the effort you place in it!
    Sorry for rambling/ranting. I have so much more to say but I just can’t find the right words to do so because until now, my emotions have not yet settled down…. Despite it being an hour since I finished reading the last chapter.
    P.S. I ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATED THAT FLASHBACK OF HOW GARRY AND IB MET. IT WAS A MUCH NEEDED BREATHING SPACE from the heavy, intriguing atmosphere permeating almost every chapter after things went hula). THANK YOU!!
    P.P.S. That intermission chapter messed up my brain… Was that a foreshadowing of things to come? Just.. Just…. *wails in utter despair* It totally messed me up. Please don’t tell me that’d be the ending? I… I…… *continued sobbing* What…is…that…intermission….about?
    P.P.P.S. I just read your Bio in AO3 and found out about your love hate relationship with the “tragedy” tag. Ahahahahahaha. Come what may; your story’s worth the heartache.

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    1. Why hello to you, too! Thank you so much for enjoying my story, and the uber long feedback. And thank you for being the first comment (laughs). It was a pleasure to read, and it makes this blog seem less lonely now.

      It’s an honor to have a reader binge-read my story, but please don’t neglect your homework to much either, friend.

      I take it you found the story in AO3? In that case, I’m glad you decided to drop by and visit this blog. I myself has an aversion for stories with OCs, yet hypocritically I write one with a bunch of them. Haha…

      And wow, you caught on to my change in writing style. In fact, you’re picking up on a lot of other things.

      I guess it’s partly on purpose that I changed my writing style. When I started the story I was still figuring out how to write (still do really). As I wrote I started to state less and imply more. After the turning point in chapter 22 the story also became more delicate so I thought I should limit myself even more from telling readers what to see from the scenes.

      I do have a timeline (with way more details than it needs to be) to keep myself orientated. I have qualms about releasing it (too many spoilers), but if I do in the future, maybe it’ll help you reassess where the story is at.

      I don’t wanna spoil anything so forgive me for not answering your questions regarding how characters’ relationships will turn out. Or how Ib feels towards Garry. But I can say that Garry is annoyed with Scarlet’s holier-than-thou attitude right now.

      Again, thank you for the lovely feedback. I can’t say for others, but I personally love it when readers rant. I hope to see you around!

      P.S: The intermission serves a similar purpose to the prologue 😉


    2. I have to agree with The Restless One. You’re writing really has shook me to the core, and you are the best self published writer I’ve ever come across. (I sell books for a living, and trust me I mean it!) If you have any non Ib related content, I could put you in contact with some publishers!
      Anywho, I have absolutely fallen in love with this story and cannot wait to see where it goes.


      1. I thank you for reading my stories and the kind comment. I just write for fun so there isn’t anything non Ib-related I’m afraid, but I appreciate your offer! Perhaps one of these days…


  2. If the intermission’s purpose is like that of the prologue….If my analysis is right, then it’s a foreshadowing of a major turning point in the story? And that’d mean…..
    *brain halts further thoughts on the matter*
    *mental and emotional preparations begin*

    Yep. I found your story in AO3 🙂 After I finished reading it, I knew I just had to tell you how much I liked and appreciated your story writing skills. You deserve as much, if not more, for such a captivating story after all! But AO3 had a character limit. And I don’t have an account so I couldn’t PM you. So I went to this blog hehehe There was link to your twitter too but that one has character limits too so it was a “no-go” for rambling. There’s the option of FF.net….. but the latest chapter wasn’t there so it too was a “no-go”

    Ahahahaha. It’s okay 😀 I asked those questions mostly for peace of mind XD Thanks for answering that question regarding Garry and Scarlet.

    Whenever I have time in the midst of med school, you will be seeing me around hahahaha


    1. Ah, you’re funny. I won’t lie that GoT is emotionally-expensive even for me.

      You’re in med school? Wow, keep up the good work! How long have you been studying?

      I never noticed AO3 had a character limit for comments cuz no one has ever reached it. Lemme tell you coming here was the right choice! I am very shaky of what to do on twitter. And ffnet…has a weird laggy thing sometimes.

      It’s great that you also enjoyed all my other stories. As a psych major, it already feels great when I can incorporate my knowledge into my writing. It feels even better when my readers appreciate it.

      I keep going for rather dark themes, hope you won’t mind that too much. “You” is something like a phenomenon for me, really. Fluff is hard I tell you. I might publish a fluff version of TGC someday…

      You might have already mentioned but, if the chicken one is your 2nd fav oneshot, which one is your favorite?

      Regarding “Happy Ending,” um, I’m also a victim of my own imagination so I don’t really know what will happen next. But I’d like to believe Ib called Garry’s name out of reflex. Ah, but according to “Dream,” Garry didn’t technically lie because Ib never calls for him. But now that she did, there’s that loose end… Oh snap, no…must…resist…thinking…frik! A bunny is born today… orz

      Anyways, not even my interpretation of my own stories is official, so don’t discount your own theories, friend.


      1. I’ve just started med school, to be honest. Classes just started last August 3. Apparently, our professors believe that med students are waterproof. Even when the mayor of the city declared that classes were suspended yesterday, classes still continued hence my late reply.

        You’re a Psych major? Cool!!! I actually wanted Psych, but our high school only allowed certain courses so Med it was for me. How’s school?

        No worries about the dark themes 🙂

        My most favorite oneshot is from another fandom of mine (and it was pretty dark; I have a love-hate relationship with dark themes). When it comes to Ib/Garry fics, my most favorite oneshot is “Can I Keep You” (Fluff for a fixer-upper).

        OMG. I just found the trivia of your stories in your FF.net profile. They were a fun read hahahahaha

        And hmmm…. Is it alright if I say that I’m glad that a (plot) bunny was born? Hahahahaha I’m a reader so yay for more stories to read, doubly so when they’re from skilled writers.

        Ah. When I checked out your twitter profile, I saw your Ib drawing. Wow! You’ve got some good drawing skills too!


      2. Ah. Also, it’s too bad I belong to the part of the population that doesn’t watch GoT. All I know is that it is quite infamous for its character deaths. Is it really good? I might consider buying the book (once our Decembreak comes) if it is.


  3. By the way, I’ve read your other stories too (except for Rotten, Natch) and I enjoyed all of them a lot too.


    I just simply adored the beginning (the questions in Ib’s perspective) of this story. Depending on how I think of it, it can be Ib’s thoughts as she watched Garry waste away… Or, the one I much more prefer, the beginning was her thoughts during her dying moments, with the “Garry, have I ever told you how much I love you?” as the last one that crossed her mind before everything disappeared when pitch black darkness fully devoured her vision.
    I loved how you contrasted Garry’s holding on and Nathan’s moving on. It actually made me reflect for a while, thinking about how people always promote “moving on”…. It made me realize that just as others promote that “moving on” requires strength, holding on requires a great deal of that too. Garry’s reason for refusing to let go squeezed the breath out of me: he didn’t want to leave Ib, even if it meant staying in the mess that he’d become. That’s one beautiful way of showing Garry’s “others first before self” trait.
    Ib’s adamant refusal to give up on Garry is sooo like her, and I loved how you portrayed this particular trait of hers in this story.
    I totally enjoyed the last part, when they were finally able to meet each other.


    The first chapter made me cry. Ib giving her all to try and remember in the dream…. Garry’s kindness, telling her it’s okay and it’s time to wake up….. My tears fell unbidden.

    The second chapter was cute. I can’t find the words to expound about that. All I can say is that, my favorite lines were:
    “He was being weak and stupid, but he’d always been that way. The question was how far she was willing to tolerate the failure of a man that was he.
    The wind picked up again, plastering her hair to her cheek, but she made no movement to tuck it behind her ear. She was waiting patiently, as if somehow sensing the outlandishness of the proposal about to roll of his tongue.”
    They caught my fancy in that I find them poetic: the answer to the question about how far Ib is willing to tolerate “the failure of a man Garry was” can be found in how she waited patiently for him to speak even if she seemed to sense just how “outlandish” his proposal might be.
    Another part I liked a lot was the “Welcome Back” by the gallery.

    The third chapter was a poignant one. The way you portrayed Mary’s feelings was nothing short of a masterpiece.


    Fluff!!! I usually don’t enjoy reading first person POVs but this one’s one of the few exceptions. Reading it a while after just finishing Glass of Time’s last update felt like I was lifted from the icy depths of hell towards the bubbly warmth of Heaven.

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    Now this is one unique story; a creative way of explaining how Ib can be so impassive….. But that ending made my hands limp for a while, causing my phone to fall (safely on the mattress).


    The cliff hanger ending…………….. riled up my imagination. Did Ib realize who Garry was? What about Garry, what did he feel, seeing Ib appear in front of him? Will he still be as understanding as he was to Mary (as Mary had opted to describe it)? Will there come a time when Ib has to choose between Garry and Mary?

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