Final Fantasy VII

Pfft. Come on. Do I really need to introduce this?

Fine. All right. A game by Squares Soft that was later milked to the death by its creators, only to recently be brought back to life with a remake confirmation. Featuring a psychedelic-turned-emo hero, a busty heroine who can kick some serious asses, their very lively – save for one… (RIP Aerith) …or two (yes Vincent I’m looking at you) – crew of friends as well as a slew of drop dead gorgeous villains. Too many characters really…I won’t list them all.

You will see very little of the fans’ favorite hero from me. I actually haven’t played any of the games except Crisis Core, and even that is a distant memory.

What you will see is cruise shipping of Tifa and Rufus (‘Rufuswho now?’ some may ask, but it’s all right, he’s flipping smug and I love him), because gdi they are so damn spicy together. Gah, how I love this sunken ship.

Sephiroth and Aerith, I also ship, no matter how much some may crap on it. They’re actually the reason I got into ff7, when I was actually and ff8 fan before. They’re the reason I found RufTi!

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