Devil’s Hubris


“Ambition is what makes villains of men, and it is the same arrogance that carves their own undoing.

Roughly half a year after Deepground, Cloud once again left home at a certain flower girl’s behest, believing that Sephiroth was coming back to wreak havoc. Tifa thought she could wait for Cloud to burn through his delusion, but then he disappeared altogether. Not long after, Shin·Ra showed up in her bar, offering information to curry favor. Allegedly. Her biggest problem? She might pummel her informant to death before she could get anything out of him.”

Published: Feb 11, 2017
Timeline: After Deepground.


Prologue: The Fool’s Calling
1. The Fighter’s Melancholy
2. The Dreamer’s Plight
3. The Keeper’s Fury
4. The Madman’s Memories