Ib is a horror puzzle game by kouri, featuring the most adorable loli and a (subjectively) handsome onee. One of the best hook of the game is hands down the concept of a living gallery preying on lost travelers. For a one-person team, kouri did well making Ib. Many things are left up to the players scrutiny and interpretation, which is why it’s so easy to write a fic for this fandom.

My creations: (chronological)

C = Complete

My headcanons: (can be overthrown by story facts)

  • Ib has a permanent poker face that only changes in the slightest with strong emotions
  • Ib doesn’t hate Mary
  • Ib’s passive attitude, coupled with her eyes, makes it hard for her to make friends
  • Ib is fine with having no friends
  • Ib can amuse herself by locating a staring subject, thus is very patient
  • Ib loves reading and is really good at memorizing
  • Ib’s fav colour was yellow like most kids, but then it became blue…
  • Ib’s surname is Lowell; her mother is Alysha and her father Nathan, she loves them both
  • Ib calls her parents Ma and Pa
  • Ib’s father is easygoing, protective and charismatic (made it rich from hard works and a bit of favor from Lady Luck)
  • Ib’s mother is strict but very understanding, can talk her husband into 99% of things
  • Garry’s full name is Garret Wolfe
  • Garry is 20 during the gallery
  • Garry is a lot stronger than the average male (Mary: “I didn’t tell the girls to stand in doorways so that they can be pushed around! He’s a freak!” *stomps ground*)
  • Garry smokes, but will quit because of Ib
  • Garry is really quick to take his aggravation out physically
  • Garry’s real hair colour is black, and his eyes are blue
  • Garry loves reading, it’s the reason he knows a lot of words
  • Garry’s seaweeds will be treated like a given
  • Garry is a romantic
  • Garry is well-liked by both boys and girls, but he seldom gets really close to someone
  • Mary actually likes Garry since he resembles the father… ahem, parent figure she so yearns for, just that she likes Ib a lot more
  • Mary is not a tsundere
  • Fake!Garry is the manifestation of both Ib’s and Garry’s feeling, moulded into shape by the gallery’s power
  • everyone speaks English (as much as the author loves Garry’s lavender language in Japanese *sobs*)


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