The Gallery Cackles


“A girl’s heart is broken by a man she doesn’t even know, a child craves for friends at the expense of her sanity, and a coward forever on the run from his feelings. The Gallery cackles in amusement as it watches. Will it ever shut up, you ask? Well, not when there’s still so much more to see.”

Published: 1/11/2016
Ending: multiple! Collection of oneshots.

Emerial realizes the best way to get rid of plot bunnies is through noncommittal, short little stories.

What’s gonna happen: (not) a lot! This will be updated spontaneously. Feel free to suggest themes/ideas through PMs or twitter.

What’s not gonna happen: plot bunnies dying from lack of attention.

What I hope will happen: people enjoying any of the stories. P̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴e̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴o̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴p̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴l̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴e̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴ ̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴p̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴r̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴a̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴i̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴s̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴i̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴n̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴g̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴ ̴̵̶̷̸̸̷̶̵̴m̴̵̶̷̸e. People telling me where I’ve erred.


  1. Dream
  2. Somewhere We Belong
  3. The Name of the Painting – prompted by Guesty
  4. Happy Ending
  5. Playing with Fire – prompted by Cataquack Warrior
  6. A Coward’s Hide and Seek – prompted by Guesty
  7. The Liar that Didn’t Lie
  8. Make-belief
  9. Ummmm…

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